eBooks & Whitepapers

Client: Prospectify
Details: The “Your CRM is a Big, Fat Liar” whitepaper was designed to teach prospects about data decay, integrity and verification. 
AngelList acquired Prospectify in 2019. 
Read it here. 
If offline, read here.
Client: ClearVoice
Details: Conceptualized and wrote a 2-part eBook to help people use Content Studio. A content intelligence tool that scrapes internet results based on keywords and categories. 
Read Part 1: How to Use Content Studio to Search 129+ Million Posts and Fuel Your Blog Strategy
Read Part 2: Need Ideas for Blog Content? We Did the Work for You [RESULTS]
Client: Convrrt
Details: The “Build vs. Buy Gets Easier with APIs” whitepaper was created to be a lead generation tool for prospects researching API tools. 
Read it here.