Milton Herman
Hey internet friend! Welcome. I’m a freelance writer for hire. 
I have nearly 10 years of writing and editing experience. I’ve been a journalist, writer, editor, content strategist, global copywriter and customer success manager. Because I did all that, I can:
  • Write useful copy for brands, marketers, agencies and SaaS companies.
  • Plan and develop content across different verticals for diverse set of clients.
  • Build relationships thanks to years of client-facing, customer-service oriented experience.
My work is clean (no fluff), uses relevant research (<3 years old) and is professionally edited by a business partner.
You can hire me to write blog posts, case studies, white papers, E-books, product descriptions, advertising copy, and more (is there more?!)

Tier 1

Article/Blog Post
$ 100 per post
  • 500-800 words
  • 13c - 20c / word
  • Invoices

Tier 2

Article/Blog Post
$ 160 per post
  • 800-1200 words
  • 13c - 20c / word
  • Invoices

Tier 3

Article/Blog Post
$ 240 per post
  • 1200-1800 words
  • 13c - 20c / word
  • Invoices

Tier 4

Article/Blog Post
$ 360 per post
  • 1800-2500 words
  • 14c - 20c / word
  • Invoices

Tier 5

Article/Blog Post
$ 500+ per post
  • 2500+ words
  • 14c - 20c / word
  • Invoices

Things people ask..

I write about what I know and what I love (with plenty of overlap between the two).

What I Know: My experience at a digital marketing agency, SaaS startup and global manufacturer allows me to write about: SEO, content marketing, paid and earned advertising, social media, growth strategy, customer success, product development, supply chain and more.

What I Love: I’m an avid sports fan who nerds out on sabermetrics and storytelling. I’m passionate about travel and exploring places outside my comfort zone. Lastly, I write about music – concert reviews, profiles and artist marketing.

This question is akin to, “are you a marketing director or a marketer?”

Marketing directors manage a team and the KPIs related to their campaigns. In my experience, content strategists have the same responsibilities. The team is a group of internal writers or vetted freelancers. The KPIs are content quality, SEO and UX. I’m able to be a hands-on copywriter or develop overarching strategy.

  1. Free introductory call (or email)
  2. Free pitches and concepts 
  3. Pay once you’ve read and approved the content

As of May 2019, yes! 

Things people say..

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